Dynamic Roll Mat 8mm

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Dynamic Roll Mat 8mm

Max. Weight Drop 50KGS

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Dynamic series 8mm is suitable to use as rubber matting roll for gym and fitness.

Rubber gym mat roll has 8mt length and 1,25mt width. One roll makes 10,00 square meters.

Dynamic rubber mat is an environmentally friendly floor covering. Because of recycling and rebuilt production made from non-toxic and low VOC polyurethane bonding raw materials. There are no contaminations like metals, stones, other plastic materials so it is safe for skin touch.

Installation advice; Commercial gym (high traffic) - professional application with polyurethane based floor adhesives. Home gym, garage gym and personal studio (light traffic) application with double-sided tapes.

Dynamic series have no bad smell you can feel only new automotive tire smell so you can use even unventilated areas as gym flooring.

Data sheet

Gym activitiy
Functional Training / Free Weight / Cardio & Strength
88% SBR rubber + 12% PU adhesive
Maximum weight drop
max. 70 KG
1,25 Mt X 8,00 Mt

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